We are currently assessing the best way to navigate this matter.  Through consistent communication with the Association of Christian Teachers and School, the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission, we will determine the correct approach to grading. 

Yes, all classrooms will be deep cleaned, following all safety guidelines during this time.  We will ensure ITOPCA is safe for all faculty, staff, and students to return.

Will there be a summer academy? If so, when will summer academy enrollment begin?

Are their local organizations providing free meals or services? 

Will teachers be available via email for parents and students during the shutdown? 

What if my student doesn’t have access to electronics devices?

How does the closure affect attendance?  

What if we don’t have Internet access?

There are a number of internet and phone companies offering free services during the coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown. View details below:

       - AT&T - Open hotspots, unlimited data to existing companies and $10/month plans to low-income families.
       - Charter - Free internet for 60 days for new K-12 and college student households.
       - Comcast - Free Wi-Fi for 60 days to low-income families, and all Xfinity hotspots are free to the public during this time.
       - Spectrum - Free internet service for 60 days to new customers.
       - Sprint - Unlimited data to existing customers and all handsets can enable hotspots for 60 days at no extra charge.
       - T-Mobile - Unlimited data to existing customers and all handsets can enable hotspots for 60 days at no extra charge.
       - Verizon - No special offers, but the company is following Federal Communications Commission (FCC) agreements by waiving late fees and not disconnecting existing service.

Yes, students involved in extracurricular activities should continue to rehearse what they have learned.  No end-of-year programs have been canceled at this time.

Virtual learning is currently taking place.  Teachers are working diligently to remain engaged with students and parents.  We are utilizing resources such as Google hangouts and Zoom to hold virtual classes.  Teachers are also assigning work via Prodigy, Nearpod, MobyMax, and EducationGalaxy.

Yes, all local school districts are providing meals for students that are in need.  In the event these entities are not able to assist, please contact the administrative office and we will connect you with available resources.

No, this time away from campus is not considered a break.  Students are consistently in the learning process and teachers are virtually engaging with students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been developed to help guide students and parents during this pandemic. As new questions arise, they will be added to this list. If you have a question that is not listed, please submit all your questions to here

Contact the administrative office at 817-885-8875. We have devices available for student use.  We are committed to doing whatever we can to ensure our students have all tools and resources needed during this time. 

Currently, the date and time for the promotion ceremony have not changed. ITOPCA will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any changes. 

No, the Texas Education Agency and Department of Education have waived all testing requirements for the 2019-2020 school year.

Will the classroom and building be deep cleaned during this time? How?

We are still taking this matter into consideration.  More information will be shared in the near future.

Will students have to take the Terranova exam?

Should my student still be practicing drums or dance or will the performance be canceled?

ITOPCA will continue our stringent hiring protocols now and in the future.  We will also maintain our high standards in cleaning and maintaining a safe environment for our students.

No absences will be recorded during the closure. We simply ask that parents and students work with the student’s teacher to complete all assignments. 

Is this time still considered a break?

Will the school year be extended to make-up these days out? 

We will be better able to determine future-scheduled items as we are allowed to return to campus.

Virtual classes are being scheduled and conducted at specified times by each teacher.  We are also employing YouTube to engage with our students.

Will field trip, spirit week, etc. have to be rescheduled? 

Will cleaning or hiring protocols change for students and staff when school is back in session

Contact the administrative office at 817-885-8875.  We will work to ensure your child has a working device.

How will the COVID-19 shutdown affect promotion ceremonies?

Currently, there is no plan to extend the school year.  Students are consistently engaged in the learning process, though remotely, and the Texas Education Agency is not mandating that schools extend the school year.

How will virtual classes be conducted?

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, per our financial agreement that all parents signed during enrollment, tuition is still required during this time.  Our faculty and staff are working diligently to continue to provide virtual instruction for our students to ensure that each student reaches the educational goals set.  We are unable to continue meeting the needs of our students without the consistent payment of tuition.  If you are experiencing hardships due to COVID-19 layoffs and shutdowns, please contact the administrative office and speak with our Headmaster. 

Will grades be given to students during the shutdown?

How will the learning process continue for all grades during the shutdown?

Yes, parents can reach teachers via the myschoolworx portal and school emails.

What if a student is having trouble with the ITOPCA issued device?

Will cleaning or hiring protocols change for students and staff when school is back in session